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Students get work placements at Sentura

Students get work placements at Sentura

Sentura Group helps holiday students to prepare for the business world.

As students return to school this week, we’re missing our two 16-year-olds that obtained a work permit for the summer holidays.  Sentura Group is committed to developing the potential of the nation’s youth and so accepted two requests for work placements during the summer holidays. 

Jared Hindley assisted our production team through busy periods and also got involved in various warehouse projects.  Layla Graham took part in some office administration duties and database cleansing.  Both are moving on to commence studies for A-level qualifications and we are pleased to have assisted in preparing and developing them for the business environment when they have completed their studies.

“I was really pleased to get a work placement” said Jared.  “It’s given me an interesting insight as to the way a business operates.  And…it’s a lot better than being bored at home!”  Jared’s work ethic was outstanding – showing the ability to exercise his own initiative in his work.

Layla commented, “It was a bit scary at first but you soon realise there’s nothing to be worried about.  I really enjoyed speaking to customers on the phone.”  Again, Layla showed great attitude and flare for the business world she hopes to join in the future.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend either candidate” remarks Ken Sewell, Sentura Group’s Purchasing Manager.  “Both worked hard to achieve what was set out for them to do and went beyond that too on many occasions.”

The work placement exercise is another display of Sentura Group’s commitment to training and development and we wish them both every success in finding a permanent job once they have finished their studies!