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Bettering the built environment.

Team. Development. Growth.

Our People

One team. One vision

Whilst products are important, our company is all about superior service.  A great customer experience rests on the commitment and passion of our team.

Across both Sentura's head office and distribution operations, we have worked hard to create environments in which staff feel confident and supported; by empowering colleagues within their roles, they flourish and grow.

Providing continuous personal development for all staff, including structured training and learning where required, the group is currently in the final stages of obtaining accreditation for 'Investors In People'.


What I enjoy most about being part of the Sentura Group OneTeam is the great way that everyone works for the good of the team and the business. Help is never far away and extra effort is always rewarded.

Steven 'Gilly' Gill
Fire Depot Despatch Team Supervisor